Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Renewals

Standing Up For Colorado’s Dreamers


Your family brought you to the United States when you were a child because they wanted you to have better opportunities. And you have achieved so much in the country that has been your home most of your life. But because you lacked legal documentation, it all could be taken away at any time. Fortunately, you qualified as a “DREAMER.” If your Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) expires soon then your future may be uncertain.

The good news is, you may qualify for a DACA renewal. At Ted Hess & Associates, LLC, we help immigrants in western Colorado who arrived in the U.S. as kids fight to stay in this country so they can get back to living their lives.

Who Qualifies For DACA Renewal?

If your DACA is set to expire soon, then you should speak with our firm right away. We can review your DACA and help you take the correct steps and file the paperwork to renew your status. You may qualify for renewal if you met the original guidelines for DACA, along with the following rules:

  1. You have lived in this country since you submitted your last approved DACA request.
  2. You have not left the U.S. since August 15, 2012 without advance parole.
  3. You have no felony record and no more than three misdemeanors in your criminal history.

At Ted Hess & Associates, LLC, your lawyer will go over your case with you and help you understand your options. You will get individual attention and dedicated representation until your case is resolved. We are dedicated to helping the immigrant communities of western Colorado, with a particular focus on the Latino community.

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Fighting To Keep You In The US

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