Domestic Violence

Preserve Your Parental Relationships Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence charges are unique in that you can lose your right to spend time with your children on top of your freedom. If you were arrested on domestic violence charges, you may need a defense attorney who can help defend you against a protection order – not just the charges themselves.

The attorneys of Ted Hess & Associates, LLC, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, are ready to defend you against domestic violence charges. Our firm aggressively fights domestic abuse charges to protect our clients against an unjust results.

Don’t Try To Deal with Domestic Abuse Charges Alone

Many people charged with domestic violence feel pressure to plead guilty to make the charges “go away” – even if they were falsely accused. Later, they find out the guilty plea has put their rights in jeopardy. These include your parental rights and your right to own a gun. Immigrants may be deported, either for the crime itself or for violating a protection order.

Instead of risking your visitation time or your ability to stay in the U.S., contact us. Discuss your case with one of our experienced attorneys before you plead guilty or answer any questions from the police. We will assess the charges against you and give you honest advice that is in your best interests.

We will not let you be railroaded into a bad deal. Instead, we will fight to help you stay in your children’s lives. If you have immigration status, we will fight to keep you in this country. We will not give up until we have given you an outcome that does the best possible for yourself and your children.

Get The Charges Handled Right. Talk To One of Our Lawyers.

If you have been arrested or accused of domestic assault, contact Ted Hess & Associates, LLC as soon as possible. Call +1-970-945-5300 or toll free (970)-945-2898, or email us to schedule a meeting. Our office is in Glenwood Springs, but we will visit you in jail if necessary.

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